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Lucy Gowns Dressup

Dress up Lucy in one of the ball gowns!

Lori Dressup

This is Lori. She’s about to go out with her friends. Help her get ready. First you need to help her do her makeup, then her hair and finally help her get dressed.

Love Story Dressup

For Her: Designer wedding gowns by Vera Wang and others. For Him: Pristine suits & bow ties.

Leo And Lea Dressup

These kids would want you to dress them up with some nice clothes so they can go out together. Enjoy!

Lisa Casual Dressup

A new game offered exclusively by GirlGamey, a game with a very beautiful girl who needs your help to choose a very nice casual clothes. Help her to choose right clothes and accessories.

Little Doll Girl Dressup

Hold the first button above the screen to show up several moldings of dressing up.

Leane Angel Dressup

What would angels wear if they lived on Earth? Find out!

Kim Dancer Dressup

Help Kim the dancer choose the best costume.

Kathryn In House Dressup

Kathryn is going nowhere today, but it wouldn’t hurt to look good at home.

Kelly Candy Girl Dressup

It’s fun dressing up this cute girl. Have fun choosing the right dress for her.

Kajitama Dressup

She’s nice and pretty. Can you try different dresses on her? Which one is the best?

Katara Dressup

Choose the right outfits for Katara.

Jasmine Accessories Dressup

Help Jasmine pick nice clothes and accessories.

Jasmine Jade Dressup

Dressing up is always fun, especially dressing up others is more interesting so can you dress up this resplendent and charming beauty doll and make her look grand and pretty.

Jemima Dressup

Jemima needs your help. She needs a beautiful dress for the spring. Can you choose a dress for her?

Jerry Dressup Game

Jerry changed his wardrobe. He has a lot of fashion clothes, glasses, hats and a lot of accesories, but he don’t know exactly what to wear in the evening so he needs your help. Help him find the right combination of clothes for this special evening.

Jessica College Girl Dressup

Help Jessica choose a nice dress she can wear at school.

Impress Hot Dressup

Dress to Impress! This is her motto! Dress her up and see if you will be impressed.

House Bunny Dressup

Click on the drawers to dress up Shelly Darlington. Click around the room to find surprises!

HipHop Dressup

Dress up the girl so the clothes match her hip-hop style!

Happy Pink Dressup

Choose clothes, accessories and hairstyle for this girl who is happy wearing pink.

Harajuku Style

The Harajuku style is all about crazy personalization and unique styles. In this dressup, you can fully customize the entire style!

Helen Bikini Dressup Game

The girl on the beach needs you help, choose any colorful bikini pair that fits on her.

Hey Girl Dressup

She’s cute and loves cool clothes which are sporty and young. Have fun dressing her up.

Halloween Girl Dressup

Select scary outfits and match goolish accessories.