New Free Games

Charming Girl Dressup - Aankleed Spelletjes

I can make sure that you will be much more charming and prettier with the dresses perfectly cling to your lovely figure. Also, Black, White, Red, Yellow pattern are the recommended colors to highlight your sexy body curve.

Charisma Wool Coat - Meisjes Spelletjes

Try different kinds of Wool coat for the cold holidays.

Chaffy Dish Shop - Meisjes Spelletjes

Eating chaffy dish is very cool! Go to the chaffy dish shop and choose the best one for yourself! Wow, so delicious!

Celia’s Fashion Mode - Meisjes Spelletjes

Choose the right dress for Celia and make her look posh.

Celebrity Memory Game - Meisjes Spelletjes

Many people can remember faces. But how many people can remember faces when they appear just for a few microseconds on the computer screen? The answer is just a few. Check out this game and see whether you are one of those exceptional few.

Celebrity Dress Up Emma Watson - Meisjes Spelletjes

Dress up Emma Watson and save the results on your computer or just print them out. The famous and fashionable people dress up game you would like to play everyday. A fun dress up game just for you!

Catherine Zeta Jones Makeover - Opmaak Spelletjes

Give our hot and sexy goddess a make over.

Cat Woman Dress Up - Meisjes Spelletjes

Dress up this girl so she looks like Catwoman!

Casual Style - Meisjes Spelletjes

Dress the usually you. Cute and casual.

Casual Seksiruk - Meisjes Spelletjes

the more casual she dress the prettier she gets.

Casual Fashion Dress Up - Meisjes Spelletjes

A beautiful collection of Casual Fashion Dresses are about to amaze you in this cool dress up game. Have fun choosing the best dress!

Castle Hotel - Meisjes Spelletjes

Manuela and Melvin have bought an old castle, and have completely renovated it to transform it into a hotel. It’s an exciting period for them, because after having made lots of efforts and investments, the time has finally come: the hotel will be opened! Now it’s the question if the hotel will be successful, and [...]

Cassata - Meisjes Spelletjes

he cassata siciliana consists of round sponge cake moistened with fruit juices or liqueur and layered with ricotta cheese, candied peel, and a chocolate or vanilla filling similar to cannoli cream. It is covered with a shell of marzipan, pink and green pastel colored icing, and decorative designs. The cassata is finally topped with candied [...]

Cassandra - Meisjes Spelletjes

Cassandra has been invite to a party. Help her pick out what to wear (a boy she likes will be at the party).

Cashier - Meisjes Spelletjes

A funny match-two game in Japanese language! Help the cashier to make enough cash, and get to the next round!

Cartoon Girl - Meisjes Spelletjes

This cute little girl deserves a total make-over to look fantastic in every angle. Help her and have fun!

Carrot Couture - Meisjes Spelletjes

Dress up this super cute bunny with all the available styles and dresses. Have fun!

Carolyn Dressup - Aankleed Spelletjes

Hey, my friends! My name’s Carolyn. I’m going to go shopping to get some clothes, shoes and hats. Would you like to go with me? Please give me some advice for my choice. Perhaps, we will choose some beautiful clothes for you.

Carol Mermaid Dressup - Aankleed Spelletjes

Help Carol the mermaid with her looks by changing her fish tail with other colors and accessories.

Carmen Electra Dress Up - Meisjes Spelletjes

The hot and sexy Carmen need to try some new clothes . Would you help her out?

Caring For Teddy - Meisjes Spelletjes

A nice teen have his preferred Teddy Bear and want to dress her. She want first to be dressed and than dress the teddy bear.

Care Bears Dress Up - Meisjes Spelletjes

Remember the Care Bears? Yes they have quite a long history. Created in 1981 by American Greetings for the use on greeting cards, Care Bears has made a long way to movies and cartoons. Dress them up in any color and most importantly, have fun!

Car Show Girl - Meisjes Spelletjes

When enjoy a car exhibition; it’s sure that besides convertible expensive cars, the car show girls always stand up to the glamour of the care. Let’s dress up the car girl with some of the trendiest clothes. Also, don’t forget the combination between the c

Captain Marvel Dress Up - Meisjes Spelletjes

Can you help our superhero to choose his suit?

Capricho Ice Cream - Meisjes Spelletjes

Collect for as many ice cream as you can while dodging obstacles.